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Classes We Offer

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Acrobatic Rock - n - Roll

If your child has a lot of energy, enjoys music, dancing, movements, as well wants to learn gymnastics, acrobatics and tricks – look no more! This is the best program that you can imagine for boys and girls, because it combines it all to the fun that gymnastics & dancing offers to dynamic rock-n-roll music – so loved in America!

Under safe, professional guidance, we teach energetic modern Rock’n’Roll Dance - spectacular, energetic and sporty form of dance, based on a rock-n-roll footwork with high bouncing kicks and spectacular acrobatic tricks danced to a contemporary rock-n-roll music. It is danced by couples and groups of couples, or all female dancers.

Classes designed to teach solid techniques of rock-n-roll dance, partnership skills, pre- acrobatic and acrobatic elements. Practices include rock-n-roll style dance steps, foot technique, contemporary choreography, dynamic endurance, flexibility and conditioning training, exercises developing coordination, sense of rhythm, pre-acro and acro skills. As students progress, more challenging movements and acrobatics could be introduced at an individually safe and comfortable pace.


  • Physical overall body workout

  • Acrobatics: partner/ group/ solo

  • Dance technique, choreography

  • Theatrical skills, self-confidence on stage

  • Strength, flexibility, stamina, performance

  • Do it for fun, or even extend it to competitions

Competitive Level: based on skill level, not the age. Audition by head coach is required.

This program implies performances, and/or even competitions at any level (Local, Regional, National, International).


This program focuses on gymnastic moves such as cartwheels, handstands, round-offs, back bends, forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, and puts a major emphasis on strength & flexibility. Also, students will be working on other various gymnastics skills on bars, beam, trampoline using professional and other safety equipment.


Toddler Gym

This is a fun movement centered class with elements of gymnastics, dance & creative movements, intended for ages 1.5-3 year old, to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Focuses on dexterity, coordination, balance, and knowledge of body parts, shapes, letters, and numbers. Also used as preparation for dance technique classes and promoting good muscle development.


BOYS & GIRLS (1.5 - 3 y.o.)

Currently Saturday morning: 8:25-9:10am

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