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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we see a difference in our child?

Your child will grow in confidence, become more personable and less shy with their peers, make friends and learn skills that will not only help them become the better dancers, but great adults. You will see your child blossom in all areas of their life, including school. Dancers learn many skills that transfer to their everyday life. Additionally, your child will develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts, particularly music dance, and physically active lifestyle.

Can we try a class before committing to joining your studio?

Yes, we offer paid introductory classes. Your child may take a $25 introductory class. Should your child love the class and join our studio after the introductory class, the $25 will be credited toward your registration fee. Occasionally, we have a free open house or free workshops where parents and students can come speak with us and take a tour of our studio.

How do we sign up?

All our registrations to classes and camps are offered only online (click the button below), where you will be asked to provide information about your child, contact information, as well as to provide your consent and agreement with our policies. Please read it thoroughly, and let us know, if you have questions. A valid credit card information is required to be on your account, however, we strongly encourage to make payments in checks or cash. If you wish to take a paid introductory class, please call our office at (857) 399-7679. 

Register for Classes

Is there an annual registration fee?

There is a $50 registration fee paid once a year for each registering student, or $60 for the family. This fee covers participation in classes and camps (Winter, Spring, Summer), also, it provides a discount for a Birthday Party at the studio for you your child.



What performances do you have?

All students participating the Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll programs are expected to perform in a Winter Holiday Show (in December), and at the Annual Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Championship (in June). Also, occasionally we offer additional competitions and performances throughout the year. The Winter Holiday Show is held at ABL DanceSport Center at 184 West Boylston St, West Boylston, MA. It is free for participants and for all children (family & friends), tickets are only for adults. Competitions are usually free for spectators, but require an entree fee from competitors. 

Do we need to purchase costumes for performances? 

Beginner dancers are not required any specific costumes, only color coordination, which will be discussed by instructor. However, since performances are special for children, we recommend to have a special costume too. Intermediate and advanced students must have costumes for performances and competitions—coordinated with instructor.

Will we be given information about our child’s development in classes?

Parents are contacted throughout the year on an “as needed” basis should the instructors feel the need to discuss your child’s progress. Please let us know, if your child is not feeling well, or going through any emotional issues, so that our instructors could adjust our teaching technique, and be extra sensitive with a child.

Are there make-up classes should my child miss?

We allow and encourages make-up classes for illness, contingent on availability, however we must be notified in advance of absence. Most classes are working on individual skills and routines, so please discuss with coach which day and time is recommended for make-up based on appropriate age and skill level. ARRA reserves the right to turn away unscheduled make-ups. Make-ups may not be carried over from one paid period to another. No credits or refunds will be given for classes not made up. Snow days are factored in price, but may be made up when possible during designated classes per the discretion of the coach. Some months will have five weeks and there is no extra charge for that. Additionally, sometimes classes are brought in around performances for additional practice/rehearsal and which we do not charge extra for.

My child is shy will they be okay?

Many of our students join us because they are shy and want to build their confidence. In a matter of months you will be able to see a marked difference in their confidence and self-esteem. Also, it is not unusual that it might take some time for very young children to get used to teachers, class-mates, the studio itself before they feel comfortable. Please allow some time for a child to adopt into a new environment. We also recommend to come a little bit earlier before the first class to get to know the teachers and get used to the studio surroundings. 

My child has way too much energy, will acrobatic rock-n-roll / gymnastics help?

Lots of kids have energy. Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll, Tumbling and Gymnastics are the perfect outlet to help them burn off excess energy while learning valuable, life-long skills. Our classroom environment is high energy but controlled and focused.

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