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Job Opportunity

Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy is always looking for talented passionate individuals to join our TEAM either to teach recreational lessons, or lead a competitive team, to be a fun summer camp counselors, or even to volunteer to impact the children’ lives. Also, we are open add to our program offerings!   We have a wonderful facility to host your programs.  Please send resume with cover letter, experience and ideas to

Instruct and train beginner, intermediate and advanced students with the ultimate goal of winning medals at the regional, national and international levels representing the U.S., as well as, consult other coaches and conduct adjudication. Teach Acrobatic Rock-N-Roll DanceSport that incorporates energetic complex choreography with partner acrobatic tricks and different forms of dance, including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary self-expressive movements, as well as gymnastics & complex acrobatic elements with spectacular partner lifts and throws in air.
Minimum requirement:
At least 2 years of experience as an Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Instructor or Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Performer

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